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    Continuous Remote Monitoring
    for Vitals and Fall Prevention
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    Bedside Fall Prevention
    for Hospitals
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    Population Health
    for Primary Care
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    Bedside Fall Prevention
    for Senior Living
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    Fall-Risk Assessments
    for Senior Living

Outcomes and ROI


Reduction in Resident Falls with VSTBalance


Reduction in Inpatient Falls with VSTAlert


Improvement in Resident Mobility


“The differentiator of VirtuSense is that they are consistently taking bleeding-edge technology concepts and transforming them into usable and reliable platforms. The technology represents a step forward today, and in the future will be considered a standard of care.”

Travis Gleinig
Corporate Director of IT, United Methodist Communities

“VSTBalance really adds value in ensuring they [residents] are as independent and happy and healthy as possible. One of our goals was to get as many of our residents on board as possible. And what we’ve seen is that our residents are excited to use it. They’re knocking on therapy’s door.”

Keegan Sawyer
Health Center Administrator, Sedgebrook

“An additional feature of VSTBalance that we really enjoy is the training [games]. There’s one called Veggie Slicer, that one of our therapists gets very animated [about] and very loud, you know, karate chopping the air…really promoting the patient to engage and promoting increased balance.”

Jen Weagly
Administrator, Twin Lakes, Life Enriching Communities

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