Accelerating Access to Care with Artificial Intelligence

VirtuSense is using preventative technology to predict, prevent, and protect older adults from falls, injuries, and more.


Our Solutions

  • The First Step Initiative

    COVID-19 has pushed our healthcare system to the point of failure. That’s why we’re bringing RPM for 30 Beds, in 30 Hospitals, for 3 Months.

  • 82% Reduction in Falls at UMC

    The FCC recently awarded United Methodist Communities (UMC) a COVID-19 Telehealth grant to implement VSTAlert for remote patient monitoring in its skilled nursing residences. In the first three months of implementation, falls decreased by 82%.

  • 80% Reduction in Falls at JKV

    John Knox Village (JKV) partnered with VirtuSense Technologies to become the first Post-Acute organization in the world to implement VSTAlert, an artificial intelligence platform with machine vision, to reduce falls.

An Eco-System for Predictive Care


VSTBalance is an automated fall-risk assessment tool that empowers a preventative approach to care.

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VSTAlert is a remote monitoring platform that uses artificial intelligence to identify and alert staff of bed exits 30–60 seconds before they happen.

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Track vitals, predict bed exits and communicate with patients remotely using VSTOne.

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