Complete a Few Home Projects You’ve Been Putting Off

If you’ve got a job that allows you to work from home, or you’re staying home to care for your kids in this time of school-shut down, you may have become more aware of a few unfinished projects around your home now that you are spending more time there. While it’s easy to wish things would return to normal as soon as possible, try using this time to work on projects you never had time for in your normal schedule. What might those be? 


Rearrange your furniture 

Never underestimate the power of a rearranged room! According to Carrie Barron M.D., rearranging a room sparks a sense of effectiveness and creativity that can improve overall mood. Are you feeling down about being locked inside all day? Move your couch to the other side of your living room. Organize the books on your shelf by color, title, or author. Move your table to the other side of the kitchen. Rearranging your personal space can not only make you feel a sense of renewal, it can also give you a fresh perspective on your personal space. Also, giving your carpet a break can help prevent wearing from years of weight in the same places. Spend some time rethinking your room arrangements this week!  (1)


Purge and organize your closets

When was the last time you cleaned out your closet space? You’ve been accumulating clothes for years, and half of the stuff hanging on your rack you barely think about, let alone wear. Use a free afternoon to sort through some of your old stuff! You’ll not only be getting rid of things you don’t use, you’ll also be freeing up space that will make you feel less cramped when you’re trying to decide what to wear tomorrow. You might also realize that the way you’ve been organizing your things could be greatly improved. Maybe that looks like adding a few shelves, a shoe rack, or a few bins on the top shelf to keep certain items all in one place. The options are endless and could make a world of difference for your wardrobe and the way you feel about yourself!


Clean small appliances in the kitchen

Does your electric mixer still have flour on it from the last time you made cookies? When was the last time you deep cleaned your grill? When we cook, we are often trying to meet a deadline to get everyone fed on time before their commitments. Maybe your family has things to do later, or you have to make it to work on time and don’t have enough time to cook and eat, let alone clean up after yourself. A lot of times we think “It’s clean enough.” before stuffing small appliances back into our cupboards, knowing they won’t grow mold, but they could be cleaner. Sort through your cabinets for your counter-top grill, blender, mixer, waffle maker, you name it! Take some time to clean in all of the crevices so next time you need to use them, you can rest assured they are spick-and-span and ready to use!


Clean up your yard from winter

A beautiful yard can say a lot. Most importantly, it can make you feel proud of your living space! After winter is over, everything looks a little dreary. But with warm weather approaching, yard work can be a great reason to get out of the house for some sunlight and fresh air! Pull out any old plants or weeds from your flower beds, pick up sticks and other debris, and put out your yard decorations. If you’re feeling extra motivated, plant some new flowers, or a vegetable garden in your backyard. Yard work can mean great exercise and beautiful results! 


Clean air vents and replace filters

If you’ve ever felt that your house feels stuffy, or has a dusty or musty smell, chances are it’s time to change your air filters! If you have asthma or other breathing conditions, this is probably a practice you’re familiar with. Even taking the time to clean your air vents—unscrewing them from the wall and giving them a good wipedown can greatly improve the quality of air in your home. Other overlooked areas that tend to collect dust are the ceiling fans in your bedroom, dining room, etc. With summer approaching, make sure to wipe down those blades before you turn your fan on for the first time in a while when things heat up. 


Organize and sort through stacks of paperwork 

If you’ve been working from home for several weeks now, you may have a lot of loose paperwork lying around. It may be work-related—or maybe its bank statements and insurance bills—whatever it is, you probably wish you didn’t have to look at it on your desk all day every day. Spend some time sorting through your documents, recycle the outdated ones, and find a place to file the others to get them out of your way. Purchase a few binders and sort your documents by topic, or use that filing cabinet that’s been sitting in the corner for years that you’ve never taken the time to organize. A fresh perspective in your office will keep you focused on the important things and know where to find important documents when you need them.