The First Step Initiative

Peoria IL — VirtuSense, a healthcare AI company, is launching The First Step Initiative: a program designed to support healthcare workers during the current COVID-19 crisis with continuous remote patient monitoring.

This initiative will bring our RPM platforms, VSTAlert and VSTOne, to 30 rooms in 30 hospitals for three months at no cost or obligation to the hospitals. Our goal is to provide them with the technology needed to protect their staff and provide high-quality care even as their bandwidth is strained due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These have been very difficult times and we are in the process of change. We know that VirtuSense and its technology can help our frontline coworkers and we hope that you will utilize this First Step Initiative,” said Dr. Tom Hale, Chief Medical Officer of VirtuSense

VSTAlert and VSTOne, our remote patient monitoring platforms, use artificial intelligence and an array of machine vision sensors to support patient care. VSTAlert monitors for bed exits and facilitates two-way video communication. VSTOne adds vitals monitoring for COVID-19 patients. Both platforms run 24/7 sending alerts directly to staffs’ phones when an anomaly in motion or vitals is detected. The two-way video allows healthcare workers to check in on patients without putting themselves in contact with COVID-19 or other infectious diseases.

Learn more about The First Step Initiative here


VirtuSense Technologies, based in Peoria, IL, is an artificial intelligence (AI) company that is using proprietary technology to prevent falls, pressure injuries and provide proactive care in Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, and Senior Living Communities. To learn more about VirtuSense, visit

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