5 Ways You Can Support Your LTC Staff 

Since February, healthcare workers in long-term care communities have been on the frontlines working long hours, putting their health—and their families’ health—at risk to care for residents during the worst pandemic our nation has faced in over a century. Many are burnt out and exhausted, but they continue to show up and give 100% each day. Here are some ways you can support your LTC staff and provide them the necessary resources to not only do their jobs, but lend emotional and mental support in these trying times. 


Have weekly or daily check-ins with staff and listen to their concerns and challenges. Record them and offer solutions to ease their anxiety and show that you have their backs.

Walk in Their Shoes

Walk the halls in your communities and lend a hand when appropriate. Seeing challenges first-hand is quite different than hearing about it later. Putting yourself in their shoes provides perspective and your staff will feel validated and supported. 

Build A Support System

Set up a buddy system to encourage staff to support each other. Buddies look out for each other and ensure that they are using PPE properly, share concerns, and just offer a socially-distant shoulder to lean on in stressful situations.  

Support Resources

There are many ways you can support your staff: 

  • Offer free counseling services. Retain a professional counselor to meet virtually for short check-ins with staff at designated break times. Have a private space available for this purpose with a sign-up sheet outside the room so staff can reserve it. 
  • Provide childcare and tutoring services to staff with young children or set up a monthly stipend to help offset babysitting/daycare fees for those putting in extra hours. 
  • Buy lunch once a week for the staff to show your appreciation. Have a different theme/cuisine every week to change it up and make it fun. Everyone loves free food!

Hold COVID-19 Exercises

Host a planning and training session called, “A Day in our COVID-19 Life.” Get your team thinking about how their roles and realities change when residents in their communities have COVID-19. Review standard safety protocols and and talk about how to engage, support, and protect residents. Team-building exercises build rapport and ensure everyone is working toward the same goals. 

A little outreach can go a long way in showing your staff you appreciate the long hours they are putting in to keep your residents happy and safe. Learn how VirtuSense’s remote monitoring capabilities can assist your CNAs and keep them safe.