Three-Fourths of American Adults Aged 65+ Face Multiple Chronic Conditions

PRC, a leader in healthcare experience solutions, announced significant findings from its 2020 National Health Survey focused on senior citizens living in the US. According to the survey, 73% of American adults aged 65+ live with multiple chronic conditions, with 49.4% experiencing three or more.

PRC conducts their National Health Survey triennially, collecting data on a variety of community and population health topics from households across the country. Findings from the survey can be found in their latest brief titled “Risks to Healthy Aging.”

In addition to chronic conditions, the study explores several factors that commonly affect the health of aging adults, with other findings from the brief including:

  • 64.4% of American adults aged 65+ have experienced chronic pain in 2020
  • 30% of American adults aged 65+ have fallen in 2020, with 34.1% of fall victims being injured as a result
  • High blood pressure (64.3%) leads chronic disease prevalence among American adults aged 65+, followed by high blood cholesterol (51.7%) and arthritis (40.3%)

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VSTOne automates routine vitals checks, non-emergency in-room visits, and gives patients the means to talk with family, specialists, or their doctor remotely. With less patient contact, frontline workers reduce their risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19 and in turn, conserving precious PPE.

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