Be a Part of the Safer in Senior Living Movement

Senior living has been thrown into a PR crisis that has fundamentally changed how it’s perceived due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The result? Record low occupancy levels, a drop in public confidence, and fewer older adults considering leaving their homes. 

The expectations for a senior living organization have changed overnight. People need to know that they are safe and cared for before they consider how comfortable they’ll be. They need to be assured that the industry is agile and shifting to address the new challenges brought about by the pandemic. It’s vital that the voice of senior living is heard, and the real stories are told beyond the walls of our closely-knit industry. 

Safer in Senior Living will share the common, real world stories from communities across the U.S., focusing on the health and prosperity of older adults both during and after the COVID pandemic. We want to celebrate the big and little accomplishments and let the world know that older adults really are safer in senior living than at home, and in turn, help to boost occupancy in senior living communities. 

Communities like Larksfield Place (Kansas City, Kansas), Montgomery Place (Chicago), John Knox Village (Lee’s Summit, MO), and more are already participating and you can too. Please visit to get your community involved in the campaign and help us spread the word. Together, we can make our voices heard.