Our COVID-19 Response:

The First Step Initiative

Protect Healthcare Workers with AI

We Have to Change

COVID-19 has pushed our healthcare system to the point of failure. We believe that technology and innovation is the answer. The First Step Initiative brings our AI communication and surveillance platform to you at no cost or obligation.

The First Step to Change



We will install up to 30 VSTAlert sensors in your hospital enabling remote monitoring and two way communication.



We are only selecting 30 hospitals for this initiative. Submit an application if your organization would be a good fit.



No cost and no obligation for 3 months. VirtuSense will install the sensors, provide training as well as ongoing support.

Getting Started

How it Works

  • Submit your application below to begin.

  • Applications can take up to two weeks to review.

  • VirtuSense will connect with you for a short call to determine if your organization is a good fit.

  • If selected, we’ll get started with the installation, this can be as soon as two weeks from initial commitment.

  • VirtuSense will provide installation, on-site training, and ongoing support as part of the initiative.

  • The 3 month period begins once the system is installed and online.

What is VSTAlert?

VSTAlert is a continuous remote patient monitoring solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine vision to monitor for bed exits and fall prevention and provide two-way video communication 24/7. Nurses and hospital staff can initiate live video calls with patients and get automated alerts directly to their smartphone, allowing them to care for more patients with less in-person contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VSTAlert?

VSTAlert monitors patients through AI and an array of machine vision sensors allowing it to predict bed or chair exits by alerting staff before a patient leaves their bed. Additionally, It is equipped with an HD camera to facilitate two-way communication, connecting the patient remotely with nurses, doctors, specialists, and family.

What is VSTOne?

VSTOne enables true Remote Patient Monitoring in acute settings. Built on top of the VSTAlert platform, VSTOne uses a wearable patch to remotely capture: heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature, blood oxygen, and ECG. All this vital information is relayed to a central monitoring console that automatically generates alerts.

Who can apply?

Right now this program is limited to organizations in the Acute Care space. In the near future, we intend to open it up to Post-Acute as well. If you’re unsure if you fit the criteria, go ahead and apply.

How long does the application process take?

The application process can take up to two weeks.

How long from selection to install?

VirtuSense can start installing sensors as soon as two weeks from initial commitment. We will work with your IT to connect our lean hardware to your existing IT infrastructure.

What does the install and training process look like?

  • VSTAlert and VSTOne require minimal infrastructure and no IT overhaul for you. VirtuSense will work with your IT department to integrate the platform into your existing infrastructure.
  • VirtuSense will also provide on-site training, learning resources, and ongoing support through the first three months and onwards.

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