Safer in Senior Living Featured in McKnight’s Senior Living

McKnight’s Senior Living featured an article on the Safer in Senior Living initiative. In the article, Montgomery Place CEO, Deborah Hart spoke about why they joined Safer in Senior Living. “Many communities pivoted quickly, and as a result, seniors are safer, healthier and happier for it,” she said. “These stories need telling. We want seniors to feel comfortable joining a community, knowing they will be safe and cared for in future storms.”

Tammy Flaming, director of marketing at Larksfield Place, said her community joined the campaign to raise awareness that “we weren’t all locked up.” She said residents’ worlds didn’t end because of COVID — things just looked a little different.

“Our goal was to keep residents active,” she told McKnight’s Senior Living. “Our philosophy is that we can build residents’ immune systems by creating joy and keeping them busy with stimulating activities.”

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