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Detection Accuracy
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Skilled Nursing


Skilled Nursing

VSTAlert for Inpatient Care

Reduce false alarms and proactively detect bed exits at a fraction of the cost of alternatives with no setup costs. VSTAlert works directly with your staff’s smartphones or integrates with other endpoint devices already at use in your hospital. The system is designed around privacy. Data is processed directly on the sensor, keeping VSTAlert 100% HIPAA-Compliant.

Do More With Less

Optimize your staffing resources with automated resident-monitoring. VSTAlert allows you to provide the best care for your residents with fewer staff while remaining 100% HIPAA-Compliant.

Why VSTAlert

Alerts Sent


Seconds Before a Bed Exit

Get Alerts Before a Bed-Exit, Not After

Sending an alert after a bed-exit is not fast enough. That's why VSTAlert uses artificial intelligence to predict intent, giving you more time to address a bed-exit before it becomes a fall.

Improve Your Patient Experience


Detection accuracy for bed alarm devices can be as low as 15%. Not only do these frequent false alarms disturb nurses and staff, but it can also add stress to patients. VSTAlert sends real-time alerts to nurses and staff within a second of a bed exit with 98% accuracy.


Detection Accuracy


Fewer False Alarms

Reduce Alarm Fatigue

Every day nurses and techs encounter 20-30 false alarms per bed. VSTAlert allows them to focus their time and energy on the alerts that matter, without being distracted by false alarms.

Privacy-Centric Design


​We build VSTAlert with patient privacy in mind. All of the data is processed on the sensor itself, meaning you're never sending sensitive data to the cloud. As a result, bandwidth needs are reduced, allowing you to run up to 100 units on a single dialup modem.


HIPAA Compliant

Average Cost of Solutions Per Bed











Alerts, Straight to Your Device

The Right Message at the Right Time

When a patient attempts a bed exit, the automated alert workflow notifies the assigned nurses and techs as well as the floor's central console, all within one second. If there is no response to the alert, a contingency protocol escalates the alert to the rest of the team on that floor.

Protect Your Team

VSTAlert also provides support for rooms with violent patients, helping you to prevent violence against your nurses and staff.

Simple Floor Management

VSTAlert Console

The VSTAlert Console allows you to manage your entire floor from a single screen. You can assign rooms to nurses and staff, track shifts, onboard patients, and view the status of each room in real-time.

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