Proactively Identify Seniors Who are at Risk of Falling


Reduction in Falls in Skilled Nursing


Of AL/IL Residents Improved Mobility

Solutions Across Healthcare

  • Primary Care
  • Senior Living
  • Hospital
  • Inpatient Rehab
  • Outpatient Rehab
  • Specialist

What is VSTBalance?

Preventative Care for Seniors Using AI

VSTBalance is an automated fall-risk assessment tool that empowers a preventative approach to care. The system uses artificial intelligence and machine vision to objectively identify deficits in balance, gait, and function -- the three leading indicators of fall-risk, without intra- or inter-rater reliability issues.

The system automatically generates reports after each assessment. You can use this objective data to help create more effective care plans and route your residents or patients to personalized home exercises, wellness, and/or therapy.


  • Quick, automated standardized testing
  • Engaging biofeedback games that seniors love
  • Lightweight, portable system that fits in a backpack
  • Requires only a 12x2 space, letting you conduct assessments anywhere
  • HIPAA compliant cloud dashboard for tracking progress in at-risk seniors


Population Health Management

Do You Know How Many of Your Residents are at Risk of Falling?

View your whole community’s risk on one screen. With the VSTBalance Cloud Dashboard you can track each individual’s journey as they travel through the continuum of care. Learn who’s at risk, why they’re at risk, and whether or not they’re improving.


2X ROI in the First 3 Months

Generate new revenue streams through increased Med-B referrals, reduced insurance premiums and copays, increased length of stay, reduced falls across your community, and much more.

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