A Comprehensive Remote Monitoring Platform

Reduce PPE useage and protect your frontline workers with remote vitals monitoring, bed-exit alerts, and live two-way video communication.

A Comprehensive Telehealth Solution

Vitals Monitoring

The wearable vitals patch captures Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Temperature, and SpO2 in real-time, making it accessible from anywhere through the secure smartphone application. Clinicians can track these vitals, receiving configurable alerts when changes are detected.

Fall Prevention

VSTOne’s AI motion analysis predicts when a patient intends to leave their bed or chair 31 to 65 seconds before they get up. Alerts are sent to attending clinicians and a central console for the whole floor to detect and prevent inpatient falls.

Two-Way Video

Two-way live video connects patients with specialists or other clinicians anywhere in the country as well as family members for emotional support. The sensor enables an HD video and audio feed from the patient’s room to their clinician’s mobile device or the floor’s central console.

VSTOne Across Healthcare

  • Acute Care
  • Post-Acute
  • Home

One Comprehensive Solution

Less Staff Caring for More Patients

The VSTOne platform addresses infrastructure and resource gaps and enables real-time virtual vital monitoring of patients. This results in a significant reduction in the workload for nurses, CNAs, etc. The platform uses AI-based monitoring to notify clinicians of sudden/progressive changes in vitals, as well as to initiate a two-way live video feed for consults and intervention.

Protect Frontline Workers, Save PPE


VSTOne automates routine vitals checks, non-emergency in-room visits, and gives patients the means to talk with family, specialists, or their doctor remotely. With less patient contact, frontline workers reduce their risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19 and in turn, conserving precious PPE.

A Comprehensive Telehealth Solution


​From the home to field hospitals, VSTOne equips any space for continuous remote patient monitoring. The platform leverages machine vision and artificial intelligence to monitor vitals, motion, and connect patients remotely with live two-way video. With continuous monitoring, deterioration is identified and communicated much earlier in the disease cycle allowing for support to be administered earlier.

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